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The company boasts a wealth of experience that allows it to face shipments of product to distant markets, not only of Northern Europe but also "overseas".

Namely, Giacovelli Srl is directly involved as partner in several varietal improvement and breeding associations with regard to seedless table grapes, both internationally (e.g. IFG, ARRA and GRAPE EVOLUTION) and nationally (e.g. GRAPE & GRAPE GROUP, NUVAUT, RETE IVC, dedicated to 100% Italian table grape varieties).

White, red and black grape

White grape

It is low in fat and high in iron and potassium, white grape promotes the reconstruction of many body tissues, improving the functioning of the heart. Some detox diets include white grape, in order to cleanse the body.

Red grape

Red grape  has more antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties than white and black grape. These properties protect from infections and viruses. It is richer in iron and potassium with consequent diuretic effects.

Black grape

Black grape is rich in iron and flavonoids and it is recommended to improve blood circulation and to strengthen blood vessels. Its peel is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols as well as folic acid, which is recommended for women in the first months of pregnancy.


From the Greeks to the Romans

The Greeks developed viticulture, winemaking and winegrowing in Europe. In Italy, the Etruscans learned this Greek and transmitted it to the Romans.

The grape family is divided into white, red and black grape and, according  to its use on the table, into wine or sundried grape.

Furthermore, table grape  is divided into seeded and seedless varieties.


Health benefits of grape

  • It has diuretic and detoxifying effects;  it is rich in potassium and low in sodium: a wonder for those suffering from kidney diseases and hypertension; 

  • melatonin helps regulate circadian rhythms. For this reason, it is useful in times of  stress or after the holidays; 

  • it is suitable for those suffering from anaemia, as it is rich in iron and enhanced by copper, which promotes its absorption along with vitamin C;

  • the seeds contain: cellulose, starch, tannins, minerals, a percentage of oil rich in linoleic acid, antioxidants and other skin-protecting substances; 

  • it is rich in minerals, that help the calcium absorption to the bones and  are suitable for those suffering from gout, arthrosis and rheumatism;

  • it regulates bile production and helps the liver’s activity.


Did you know…

Wellness & Beauty

  • Grape seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which helps skin to preserve smoothness and hydration;

  • grape can be kept in the fridge up until one week. It must be washed only before eating.
    Last but not least, the peel contains the most healthy components. For this reason, berries should not be eaten peeled.

Culinary use

  • Grape pairs well with rice, cheese and meat;

  • according to researchers, red grape berries contain melatonin which promotes sleep. 

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