New varieties

In its own farm, Giacovelli has also started the cultivation of 4 new varieties of cherries (Nimba, Rocket, Frisco, Pacific Red) being distributed by Breeder Cot International, in the local range located 390 meters above sea level.
This trial is very important as the 4 varieties are classified as hardwoods, are resistant to mechanical manipulations and can be harvested in the same period as Bigarreau which is a non-mechanically resistant variety.


From Black Sea to the Romans

The cherry tree is native to Black and Caspian Sea.

The Greeks were the first ones to cultivate cherries in 4000 B.C. Then, the Romans "exported" them as luxury food to Italy in 73 B.C.. The first historical evidence of cherries in Apulia goes back to 1648, in Castellana Grotte.


Health benefits of cherries

  • Rich in vitamin A and C, minerals and carbs, including fructose sugar, which has not contraindications for diabetics;

  • cherries are useful in treating gout, as they contain anthocyanins, with a high antioxidant power;

  • its flavonoids boost the production of collagen, which is a blessing against cholesterol storage in blood;

  • cherries display depurative, diuretic, detoxifying, refreshing and laxative properties;

  • they are low in calories and have a high satiety index.


Did you know...

Culinary use

  • You can get many alcoholic beverages such as the Marchigiano "Sour Cherry Wine" or the Dalmatian "Maraschino", making an alcoholic infusion of Marasca cherry stones.
    This infusion is distilled and aged for months. Add water and sugar to reach an alcohol content of 30º;

  • cherries can be used to garnish vegetables,  meat and fish dishes, to enhance the sweet and sour taste and to bring out flavours;

  • another use of cherries is in pastry, as one of the main ingredients to bake many desserts, such as  cheesecake, Black Forest cake, tarts and strudel, sorbets and puddings.

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